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The Basics

Quick Facts: Lefkada
Pronunciation lef-kada
Alternate Names Lefkas
Transportation Air, bus, ferry, car
Main Attractions outlying islands, windsurfing, festivals
Food Many good choices
Accommodations Many good choices

lefkada mapLefkada Page 1

Lefkada mountains Just off the coast of central Greece and once attached, Lefkada is the fourth largest of the Ionian islands.

It has a land mass of 303 sq.km and a coastline of 117 km. Its population is 21,000. It is attached to the mainland by a causeway. This island you can drive to!

Island Features

Lefkada harborLefkada has everything from mountain villages to beach resorts. Many migratory birds flock to Lefkada's salty marshes. The causeway surrounds a shallow lagoon where you may see herons and pelicans. An occasional shark has been seen far out by wind surfers but no incidents have occurred. More Dolphin varieties are seen off Lefkadas coast than anywhere else in Greece.

The several interior villages are traditional and the women are famous for their lace and embroidery. Windsurfing is particularly good and sailing through its ten surrounding islets is idyllic. One of these, Scorpios, was owned by Aristotle Onassis–that should tell you something!

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