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Greek Islands with Guided Tours

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Guided tours are available on the following Greek islands. The descriptions below are for our cruise ship passengers but may be adapted to those of you not taking a cruise and for many, many other islands. Just e-mail us for non cruise options and prices without obligation. E-mail Us for Lowest Prices or click here for 5 more Santorini tours for non cruise ship passengers as well as 6 Greek island tours of Mykonos, Syros and Tinos.

mykonos cruiseOn Mykonos: Walking Tour

Mykonos is world famous. It is the most cosmopolitan of all Greek islands and attracts many visitors from all over the globe, including large numbers of artists and intellectuals. Your coaches will take you to Hora the island's capital where you'll enjoy a walking tour in the narrow cobbled streets of the town, passing by chic boutiques, elegant nightclubs and white washed houses till reaching Alefkandra. Alefkandra is a charming corner of Hora, known also as the "Venice" of Mykonos. The houses are built on the sea, with wooden balconies that evoke Venice. These were built from the mid 18th century onward and were homes of wealthy merchants and captains. At one of the famous restaurants of Alefkandra you'll enjoy the sunset on Mykonos island while drinking your refreshment accompanied by Greek meze. You'll return then to Mykonos Town (Hora) from where you'll take the ship's shuttle service back to the port to meet your ship.

delosMykonos & Delos Apollo Sanctuary

Delos, once a Sacred Island, is the legendary birthplace of the Sun God Apollo and his twin sister Artemis. For 500 years, tiny Delos was the religious & commercial hub of the entire Aegean, today, the only remaining inhabitants are its treasured ruins and their caretakers. Depart from the port of Mykonos by boat, cruising along the western coast of Mykonos, through Diles & Rhenia Islands to the ancient harbour of Delos where you will begin your guided walking tour. You will first see Agora and beyond it, the Sacred Way, which leads you to the Temple of Apollo. Next, view the remains of a Hellenistic Quarter with its harbour, water house, luxurious villas, such as the House of Cleopatra, the House of the Dolphins, the house of the Masks and the House of Dionysos, as well as remains of other notable quarters. Note the architecture and mosaic floors, which have survived over 2500 years. Continue on and marvel at the spectacular Avenue of the Lions, where five Naxian marble beasts from the 7th Century BC crouch, vigilant guardians of the sacred lake, standing dry today.

You'll then re-board your boat for the return journey to Mykonos Town. Here you'll have the chance to walk along the cobblestone streets of this famous island with the numerous shops, cafes and restaurants before you take the available shuttle service for your return to the port to re-join your ship. E-mail Us for Lowest Cruise Prices

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