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The Basics

Quick Facts: Aegina
Pronunciation egg-ee-Na
Alternate Spelling Aígina
Transportation Regular ferry service
Main Attractions Pistachio related products, Byzantine churches, Temple of Aphaia
Food Good fish taverns
Accommodations Numerous hotels

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Aegina lies in the Saronic Gulf and is the 2nd closest island to Piraeus (16 mi.) and Athens after Salamis.

Aegina can be reached in a little over an hour by ferry boat or half an hour by Flying Dolphin hydrofoil.

Aegina has a land mass of 82 square km. with 57 km. of coast line (mostly rocky beaches). The population is about 12,000. There is a full sized Marina. Aegina's best beach lays to the right of the Aegina town harbor.

Island Features

greek island aeginagreek island aeginaAegina is a beautiful island with alternating areas of greenery and barren vistas. More manageable during the week when Athenians are back in Athens. Aegina Town is a nice port with a beautiful harbor and a bit bigger than some islands.

There are many taverns and pastry shops along the Limani and all kinds of picturesque establishments among the back streets. Aegina is a good island to rent a car, because it is rather large. Aegina is a mountainous island with wonderful valleys and ancient trees such as this allegedly 2,000 year old olive tree. An off-road vehicle or dirt bike will let you appreciate this island's hidden beauty more fully.

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