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The Basics

Quick Facts: Hydra
Pronunciation ee-drah
Alternate Spelling Ydra
Transportation Frequent ferry and hydrofoil service to Hydra
While on the island, walk or take water taxis
Main Attractions Hydra Town mansions and museums, busy nightlife
Food Dozens of tavernas and restaurants
Accommodations High standard hotels are plentiful

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hydra greek island saronic gulfHydra is the third major island of the Saronic Gulf and is almost over-run by tourists on weekends and in late summer.

All the same, Hydra's unique cosmopolitan charm gives it an identity all its own, so much so that many international artists, writers and jet-setters call it home at least part of the year.

Hydra's main town and port is distinguished by several large mansions and its streets by distinctive cobblestones. In past years the local population built up a large merchant fleet and many of the mansions are homes of successful ship owners.

Chic boutiques and crafty stores line the limani (harbor) along with excellent restaurants serving a wide variety of international and local cuisine.

At night Hydra comes into its own with a vibrant taverna, bar and disco scene and many languages can be heard. You'll have no problem making yourself understood on Hydra but will have a problem with accommodations if you don't reserve well in advance. There is a yacht marina on Hydra.

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