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Quick Facts: Poros
Pronunciation pour-oss
Transportation Frequent ferries to the mainland plus ferry connections to other islands.
Buses and motorbikes are available on the island.
Main Attractions Monastery of Zoodoghos Pigis
Food Plenty of spots along the waterfront
Accommodations Several comfortable hotels

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an aerial view of galatas and porosporos island greek island guide map description holiday vacation tripPoros is the closest Saronic Gulf island to the Peloponnese and the 4th closest to Piraeus and Athens (29 mi.). A small island, it has 23 sq. mi. of land mass and 43 km. of coast. There are about 4000 inhabitants.

Its gently rolling hills and greenery provide a nice contrast to the stark barrenness of its Cycladic Greek island cousins. Poros is a a less trendy island than Hydra. You're likely to find real Greeks, lower prices and less fanfare.

Due to its popularity, accommodations on the weekend are more expensive.

Poros' proximity to the Peloponnese make it an ideal jump off point. Many of the most famous Peloponnesian sites in Greece may be visited easily starting from Poros: Epidavros, Mycenae, Troezen, Tyrins, Argos and Ancient Corinth.

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