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The Basics

Quick Facts: Spetses
Pronunciation Spet-sehs
Transportation Regular ferry and hydrofoil service
Main Attractions Cannons in Dapai Square, pebble mosiacs, Bouboulina Museum and statue
Food Good and plenty of choice
Accommodations Plentiful

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spetses spetses greek 

island Spetses is southern most of the Saronic Gulf Islands and in the entrance to the Argolic Gulf. Two-thirds of the island is covered with fragrant pine trees, giving Spetses a charm all its own. Spetses is popular with Athenian tourists, but tends to remain uncluttered except in high season.

Tourism is the mainstay of island life. There a thriving industry using the pine tree's resin in the production of Greece's favorite wine: retsina. Almost hugging the mainland, Spetses' many excellent harbor restaurants afford views of red and white water-taxis streaming across to the Peloponnese's Dapia harbor.

Like Hydra, no private vehicles are permitted on the island but the public is served by public bus. There are several pleasant beaches on the southern and western shores reachable by bus, bike, horse-drawn carriage, caique (water-taxi) or donkey.

The small island of Spetsopoula to the south is privately owned and doesn't allow visitors.

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