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Quick Facts: Skyros
Pronunciation Skee-ros
Transportation Air, Ferry and Hydrofoil
Main Attractions Pikermies (wild ponies), Carnival, beaches, Faltaits Museum of Folklore
Food Many cafes, tavernas, and bars
Accommodations Several hotels

Greek island of SkyrosSkyros Page 1

Skyros is the largest of the Sporades Islands. It has a land mass of 210 sq. km and a coastline of 130 km. Skyros lies only 24 nautical miles from Evia. It has a population of about 3,000.

The island has retained much of its traditional character and has not sold out for the tourist euro. Skyros offers something for everyone including good beaches, lovely coves, caves, hiking and nightlife.

Island Features

map of skyrosThis is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. Its Northern part has rolling tracts of farm land and pine forests. The mid section of the island, a narrow waistline, is where most of the population is concentrated. The southern section of Skyros is barren and rocky.

A child can look one of the free ranging tiny ponies, Pikermies, right in the eye. They roam freely on the rocky southern end of the island.

Only ten minutes walk from Skyros Town, the sandy beaches of Magazia and Molos offer good swimming, and many of the islands accommodations and bars cluster here. The nude beach is Papa Ta Chomata. Ormos Achilli has a new yacht marina and beach. Generally, the beaches on the northern end of the island are more pleasant than those on the rocky southern end.

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See getting to the Sporades from Athens