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Timeline One of Greek History or Greek Civilization

40,000 BC Stone Age signs of habitation
7,000 BC Neolithic Farming communities in Europe: Northern Greece Nea Nikomidhia near Veroia
3000-1500 Minoan Age: earliest European civilization Crete
2,800-2,000 Early Brnze Age: proto-hellenic language use of copper Early Helladic Cyclades/Crete
2,000-1,100 Mycenaean Age: earliest major civ Minoan & Myceneaen Palatial period
1,581 BC Athens unites from Attika: Kekrops mythical founder of Athens?
1,300 BC Thesseus Greek Super Hero unites villages of Attica? "Synoecism"
1200-750 Dark Age: 2 Dorian invasions: Athens by-passed
750-478 Archaic Age: Greeks colonize shores of Mediterranean
508 Beginnings of Democracy in Athens
490 Persians invade, Battle Marathon, Persian retreat
480-79 Persians invade under Xerxes, sack/destroy Acropolis loose sea battle: Salamis,. retreat
478-339 Classical Age of Greece: Greece center of "civilized" world
447 Construction of Parthenon begins
432-404 Peloponnesian War Athens vs Sparta plus allies
399 Socrates forced to allowed/drink Conium suicide
339-168 Hellenistic Age Alexander and his heirs Empires
168-330 Roman Age of Dominance in Greece
146 Athens under Rome's rule
86 Sulla sacks Athens
54 BC St. Paul visits Athens preaches Aeropagus converts Dionyssus
267 AD Heruli sack Athens
396 Visigothes sack Athens
330-1204 Byzantine Age: Greek Empire of Constantinople
435 Emperor Thodosius bans pagan worship/closes temples Delphi etc.
529 Emperor Justinian order closure the Philosophical Schools of Athens, Stoics, Epicures, etc.
590 Slavs sack Athens
1204-1453 Frankish Period: Greece under Crusader rule
1205 French Crusaders take Athens
1260 Duchy of Athens created
1311-1388 The Catalan's take controll of Athens
1388-1456 The Florentine Acciajuoli rule Athens
1456-1821 Ottoman Turks rule Athens and Greece
1645 Venetian Morosoni attacks Ottomans blow up Acropolis
1687 Morosoni succeeds in taking Athens, looses it later
1821-27 Greek War of Independence
1827-present Independent State of Greece
1830 Kingdom of Greece established Bavarian 17 yr. old made King: Otho
1836 Athens becomes capital of Greece
1843 Otho forced to grant constitution
1863 William of Denmark becomes King George the First of Greece
1896 1st modern Olympics held in Athens
1922-3 Asia minor catastrophe: many refugees come to Athens
1940 War with Italy: Greeks takes 22,000,000 prisoners
1941-44 The Nazis sack Athens/starve many thousands: WWII
1944 Civil strife: left against right
1946-49 Civil War
1967-74 Colonels Dictatorship
1973 Student up-rising Polytechnic University/many killed
1981 Greece joins EU

Archeological Terminology

3,000-2,000 BC Early Helladic
2,000-1,600 BC Middle Helladic
1,600-1,100 BC Late Helladic
1,100-1,050 BC Sub-Myceneaen
1,050-900 BC Early Geometric
900-700BC Geometric
700-480 BC Archaic
480-323 Classical
323-30 BC Hellenistic
30 BC-324 AD