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Greek Island of Aghios Efstratios (N.E. Aegean)

Aghios Efstratios Synopsis (Click map for guide)

map greek island of aghios efstratiosMinuscule in size, the island of Aghios Efstratios is only 43 sq km and one of the least accessible in the Aegean. Its closest island neighbor is Limnos, 32 km to its NE.

The island has no deep water port so transfer is made via tender (small boats) from the ferry.

'Ai Stratis', as it is locally referred to, was an island of exile during the colonel's junta and with its lack of modern amenities is a good place, even today to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern society.

With only one village and a population of only 300 odd souls, the islands beauty more than makes up for a lack of creature comforts. Its boasts several nice beaches, very few cars, caves, Byzantine churches and even ancient ruins. Most of the residents are fisher folk and the island offers fresh quality seafood at reasonable prices.