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Greek Island of Amorgos (Cyclades)

Amorgos Synopsis (Click map for main guide)

Click for the guide - map greek island of amorgosOf the Cyclades chain, Amorgos lies closest to the dawn and remains untrammeled by hordes until high season. Mountainous and rugged with steep cliffs in the south, a deep bay in the south-west serves as it main port; Katapola. In the North west there is the smaller port of Aigaili (camping & dive center) both of which are served by ferry and inter island bus service.

amorgosSituated high above the east coast to avoid pirates is Hora or Amorgos Town the island capital and a prime example of a well preserved cycladic village. Most accommodations on the island are limited to these centers.

Near Hora, and picturesque, being perched high above upon the cliffs is the brilliant white Monastery of Hozoviotissas. In the southwest are lesser center of population, the remains of ancient Arkessini and opposite the islet of Gramvoussa several beaches favored by naturalists are best accessible by scooter or on foot.

Amorgos is an excellent island to get away from the rat race and for taking long hikes, swimming and letting it all hang out!