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Greek Island of Astypalaia (Dodecanese)

Astypalaia Synopsis & Map (Click map for guide)

greek island map astypaleaButterfly shaped Astypalaia is the farthest west of the Dodecanese chain and is very similar to the Cyclades islands in shape and architecture. It also possesses a Venetian castle, a few fertile depressions and some citrus groves.

the castleThis is a good island to hike upon and get away from the crowds with many bays, coves and a surprising amount of fish.

It has several decent beaches but no fantastic ones. The island also has a campground to the east of the port with Almee-ree-kia trees for shade.

Astypalaia is not the cheapest island or the most expensive and most the accommodations are to be found in Skala the port, and Hora the main village. Anyalypsi on the isthmus also has rooms to let. If looking to socialize July and August are your best bet.