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Greek Island of Chalki (Dodecanese)

Halki Synopsis & Map (Click map for guide)

Halki greek island mapHalki, which means bronze or chalk depending on who you ask, is a small quiet island of the Dodecanese. (The islands alternate spelling is CHALKI so I am leaning toward chalk.)

Halki has a good port comparable to that of it neighbor to the north, Symi but less large. Neo-classical captains mansions line the limani's of both islands harbors.

Block booked by tour companies, Halki receives fewer independent tourists and accommodations can be scarce.

The islands one sandy beach is relieved by several small coves where swimmers dive from rocks and other beaches accessible by small caique. Rhodes is Halki closest and largest island neighbor. Several interesting churches and monasteries dot the island and villagers celebrate many religious festivals with relish welcoming foreigners with open arms. The near by islet of Almina, is green and well watered with a crusader castle to boot and makes a great day trip for exploring. Chalki is not to be confused with Chalkidiki or Chalkida.