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Maps Greek Island of Chios (N.E. Aegean)

Chios Synopsis & Map (Click map for guide)

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Chios, birthplace of Homer perhaps, but definitely roots to many of the fabulously wealthy ship owners who now base themselves in London and all over the world.

Chios is a wonderful island! Don't be put off by its ugly port because just behind it is a large and lovely island with many interesting places to visit, inexpensive accommodations and good food.

The port also has an old bazaar and a few good museums. The island itself is famous for is Mastic bushes and heavily influenced by the Genovese who dominated it for many years.

Don't miss the Mastic villages and the Monastery of Nea Moni built in the 11th century. There are many smaller villages and plenty of beaches dotting the island too. The fertile plain of the Kambos south of the city is a beautiful place to start your exploration of the island of Chios.