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Map Greek Island of Corfu (Ionian)

Corfu Synopsis & Map (Click map for guide)

map corfu greek islandOne of the greenest Greek Islands, Corfu's Ionian sea location means it gets more rain but with milder and less windy winter than the Aegean islands.

Its useless to deny that the south coast approaching Corfu town is tacky and overdeveloped but the rest of the island is still pretty wonderful.

There are many, many, many trees ranging from olives to Cypresses, tons of beaches and lots of wildflowers too.

one of many fantastic beachesOver 5,000 Britons live on Corfu and over a million visit annually.

The Greeks call Corfu, 'Kerkyra' and have done since ancient times but today you'll find it has an Itallianate flavor as well as an English and Greek one.

This is a cosmopolitan island with something for everyone from its rich history to its wonderful beaches and resorts and cuisine. Corfu has 2 ports and an airport! Also see Eco-Corfu and Corfu Island Guide.