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Map Plan: Ancient Delos is a top 5 ancient Greek site!

greece travel map ancient delos greek islandDelos in the Cyclades island group, just offshore of Mykonos, was, in ancient times, considered holy by virtue of being the birthplace of Apollo and his Sister Artemis.

No inhabitant was allowed to be born or to die on this sacred island and residents were carted off to near by atolls reserved for this purpose.

Much is made of the sanctity if Delos with its lofty temples and exquisitely crafted monuments.

The French have been excavation Delos for over 100 years and no one else lives here now. The island is now off limits unless you have a ticket for the guide tours of course.

deloa ruinsAncient Delos also served in a less wholesome and much less well known capacity. Much like a tax free haven does today. Its convenient location, practically at the center of the Cyclades islands chain, made Delos an ideal hub from which to conduct business both spiritual and temporal.

Those farther afield also found it convenient. Delos grew fat as a clearing house for the spoils of conquest and as many as 5,000 slaves were traded a day here. Conquering powers of the Mediterranean basin and near east, including Romans, Egyptians and even pirates of all stripes used Delos as a convenient bourse for slaves and the spoils of conquest. Delos Greek Island Guide | Mykonos Greek Island Guide| Click for the available tours to Ancient Greek Sights