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Folegandros (Cyclades)

Folegandros Synopsis & Map (Click map for guide)

folegandros greek island mapDesolate and romantic Folegandros is off the major tourist routes of the Cyclades but has been discovered by those seeking less tourism during the peak season. The islanders are friendly and the last thing from aloof. Plumbing and Electricity are comparatively new on the island and there still remain a few kinks to be worked out in some rooms and pensions. Neither is water the islands strong suit and some pensions need improvements in plumbing and electricity. If you don't mind a few inconveniences like these you will love it less developed aspects.

horaFolegandros is a great island for hikers and those that like long walks but bring a sun hat and good shoes. Public transportation is limited and as you explore its back roads you'll discover wonderful hills of gray stone and red earth in many shapes. The villagers away from the port welcome such visits and may offer you refreshments or ask you to stop for a chat. One hour walk from the port, upon the hill, is lovely Cycladic style Hora, where the islanders are exceedingly friendly and you'll get great views of the surrounding area.