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Greek Island of Ios (Cyclades)

Ios: Synopsis and Map (Click map for guide)

greece travel map iosIos is a beautiful island but during the season it is only ideal for younger people at this particular stage of its development.

If you are over the age of 25 you probably will not feel at home on Ios.

When Ios became part of the main ferry routes it became the haunt of the young, rowdy, tattooed and restless.

Its miles of golden beaches are covered with many naked and near naked bodies in high season. Although camping and nudism are permitted 'only in official areas' tolerance of nudism is the rule which the authorities and youngsters themselves practice.

Youths pour into Ios by the ferry load several times a day. More than a dozen discos line the streets of the main town where a brief respite may be had at The Ios Club during sunset when classical music is played. Many discos and bars also line the beaches blaring music. You will find more foreigners than Greeks manning the cash registers of Ios shops, bookstores and cheap restaurants. These establishment open late in the day and stay open until late at night.

milopotas beachViolence and theft (while still low compared to other places in Europe) are more common on Ios than many other islands with the possible exception of Patmos and Rhodes. Late in the season the island becomes strewn with broken bottles, abandoned knapsacks and  and discarded clothing. For some a visit to Ios can be described as a 24 hour party to be cherished for the remaining winter while to others it can be hell on earth and the farthest thing from a tranquil Greek island you can imagine. Some people may escape the madness by heading for the isolated east coast where the development is far less, the beaches less frequented and the islanders still friendly. If you are young Ios is a lot of fun!