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Greek Island of Ithaka (Ionian)

greece travel map ithika ithakiLacking great beaches (with only a few pebbled ones), Ithika is off the major tourist tracks. Its port/capital Hora is perhaps the nicest in the Ionian islands and generally prices are comparatively lower than near by Kefallonia.

Ithika is comprised of 2 peninsulas joined together by an isthmus and generally has very little flat land making it as Homer said "unsuitable for horses".

fishing portThe rest of Homers' description pretty much makes Ithika the homeland of Odysseus who as we know spent a lot of time away from home mostly against his will.

There are a few ruins but none which scream with 100% certainty that this was the Ithika of Homer as mentioned in the Iliad and the Odyssey.

The island also possesses the usual Greek Orthodox Churches, monastery, pine covered knees of high mountains, olive groves and cypress trees. A good island to escape the tourist grind of the rest of the Ionian. See Eco Ithaki