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Greek Island of Kalymnos (Dodecanese)

Kalymnos: Synopsis and Map (Click map for guide)

kalymnosgreece travel mapKalymnos is a real Greek island with very little done to attract tourists so if its traditional Greece you are looking for Kalymnos is an excellent choice.

Most famous for its sponge divers which leaving for weeks at a time, still work the sponge beds off the south coast of Crete and elsewhere.

Though smallish, Kalymnos has many things to offer the visitor including: hiking, caving, hot springs and several nice beaches.

The island boasts a wonderful port with traditional Limani and its here that you'll find most tourism related stores and amenities. There is a walled citadel up the hill behind the port and the island has a good traditional music scene to help while away the evenings to boot!

Although mountainous there are 2 valleys with greenery, citrus groves and dotted along the coast are several fishing villages where the fish is fresh and reasonably priced.