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Greek Island of Kythira (Ionian)

Synopsis & Map: Kythira

greece travel map kythira greek islandKythira, off the main shipping routes, lies at the tip of the Peloponnese (via port of Gythion or Piraeus) across from westernmost Crete and even though it is grouped as an Ionian island, is administered from Piraeus.

Being in an out of the way spot has saved the island from development even with its unspoiled long sandy beaches!

Many of its 40 villages are abandoned with their residents long in Athens, Australia, Canada and the USA.

Cycladic is more Kythira's style, both in its arid and barren appearance, and the subsequent architecture which evolved to suit such conditions.

Tsirigo was the islands name under the Venetians and the Brit's held sway here too, for a time along with the other Ionian islands over 150 years ago.

Very quiet except in August where things pick up everywhere in Greece the island is a good getting away spot off the trail of most Greek island vacationers. Now with 2 ports able to handle the varied weather conditions the island is accessible all year but best served in summer.