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Greek Island of Kythnos (Cyclades)

Synopsis & Map: Kythnos (Click map for the guide_)

greece travel map kythnos greek islandDue south of Kea and due north of Serifos, Kythnos is Eastern Cycladic all the way.

Its one of the first islands you come to after leaving Piraeus for the Cyclades.

Its More Greek oriented and less developed for tourists you'll find this a nice convenient choice for enjoying a more family values oriented Greek island vacation.

Also called 'Thermia' for its hot springs and spa most of the island is barren except for the 'stream valley' with its spring fed growth.

Here is the old capital of the island, Dryopidha, a name connotating mythical and magical Dryads who worshiped oak trees much as the Druids might have.

Its the green section of the island and from here the new capital Hora may be hiked if desired. For more information please see the Kythnos Guide.