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Greek Island of Lefkada (Ionian)

Synopsis & Map: Lefkada (Click map for the guide)

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One of the Ionian islands, Lefkada is the only island you can drive to on the West coast of Greece.

During the 7th C BC, the Corinthians colonized it and dug a 25 meter canal separating it from the mainland. The Corinthians had a thing about canals from the 'git go' it seems.

Lefkada has some fantastic beaches especially on the more remote west coast (Skala Kathisma, near Aghios Nikistas, is closest of these to Hora) but you need to rent a car to enjoy them and the rest of the island fully.

The fact that you can drive to Lefkada is overlooked by many and alleviates the somewhat more complicated business of visiting the Ionian islands, each with its distinct embarkation point and sometimes more than one of those to choose from.

Lefkada is definitely worth checking out! Click to visit the Guide to Lefkada.