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greece travel map lipsi  greek islandGreek Island of Lipsi (Dodecanese)

Greek Island of Lipsi

Despite its being described as 'undiscovered', Lipsi has gotten plenty of tourists since the early 1990s, but even being crowded in peak season, it's still a nice retreat in the quieter months.

Basically a depopulated island, from which many have emigrated overseas, about 700 locals have remained, the majority living in the nice harbor town, with some others tending farms and vineyards.

There are quite a few tavernas in the port, as well as a
good amount of nightlife, and even internet facilities.

Beaches are scattered, and all easily reached on foot within an hour; a minibus makes the rounds of some of them on the hour. Liendou beach is the sandiest, and closest to town; Papandrhia has pebbles and sand and some little coves. Many eat lunch at Platys Yialos, to which the minibus goes, whose taverna is far superior to its beach. There are some nice walks on Lipsi, with some trails and dirt roads, one of them to the western bay of Kimisi, where an old hermit monk once lived.