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Map: Greek Island of Poros (Saronic Gulf)

Greek Island of Poros

greece travel map poros greek islandPoros, is very much of a package tour island, though still not so expensive, and easily accessible from Athens' port of Pireas/Piraeus (two hours by slow ferry, one hour by hydrofoil).

Its only a few hundred meters from the coast of the Peloponisos/Peloponnese. Its capital and port is an attractive town of white houses with red tiled roofs rising up the hills from the harbor, with nice squares and churches back in from the water.

A canal separates the part of the island where the port sits, called Sferia, from the larger landmass of Kalavria, which is covered with pine trees, some fertile agricultural land, and small inlets with beaches.

Across the bridge from the harbor town is the 18th century monastery of Zoodhokhou Pighis, with good icons and a gilt iconostasis, and very clear water by the pebble beach down below, where there are also summer tavernas. In the same area are ruins of the 6th century BC Temple of Poseidon.