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Site Plan: Ancient Epidavros Sanctuary of Asklepious is the best preserved theater in Greece with perfect acoustics!

greece travel map ancient epidavrosEpidavros is a top ten ancient Greek site and has the best preserved theater in all of Greece.

The sanctuary itself is not in the nearby towns of New Epidavros or Old Epidavros. Click here for more info on Ancient Epidavros.

In ancient times, ancient Epidavros was the main mainland medical center sacred to the healer-god Asklepious and was known as the Asklepion.

Healers are first encountered in Homeric literature and they were typically kings, heroes, generals or all three. Often they carried out the duties of priests.

Herbs were often the method of treatment but Asklepious elevated medicine to a 'divine' science using faith and dream healing.

Many miraculous cures were afected as testified to by the many votive offerings and gifts to be seen in the museum many of which are in the form of the healed body part.

Epidavros was the ancient equivalent of the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins and attracted the sick from all over the mediterranean world. Surgery was preformed in dire instances but sleep therapy was the primary treatment with divine healing visitations through dreams, the sought after remedy.

The best preserved structure at Epidavros is the ancient theater which seats 14,00 and has perfect acoustics. Each summer many theatrical presentations are enacted, usually in the Greek language (or in ancient Greek) of ancient Greek plays and tickets sell out quickly. At the Odeon of Herod Atticus in Athens similar presentations are also made so bear that in mind if theater is your bag and you cant make it (the two hours drive) to ancient Epidavros.

the modern use of an ancoent theater

Ancient Epidavros Tour very popular! Click above! Click here for more info on Ancient Epidavros.