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Who's Who Greek Revolution of 1821

Athanasios Diakos 1788-1821

Patriots and Warriors

DiakosOne of the bravest and most respected fighters for freedom during the Greek Revolution Diakos was born in Mousounitsa of a poor family.

They were so poor that his father sent him to the Monastery of St. Ioannis Prodromos at the age of 12 where 5 years later he became a deacon.

According to the story Diakos was accused of killing a Turk and had to leave the safety of the Monastery. He then served as one of the body guards to Ali Pasha of Ioannina under the command of Odysseas Androutsos whom he eventually replaced.

During this time he joined the Filiki Eteria and actively embraced the goals of the revolution. Following the Greek deafeat at the batle of Almana in Central Greece Diakos was arrested and tortured by the Turks who impaled and roasted him over a fire - a fate reserved for their most hated foes.