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Who's Who Greek Revolution of 1821

Georgios Karaiskakis 1782-1827

Patriots and Warriors

KaraiskakisA Natural leader Karaiskakis is one of the most romantic figures of the Greek revolution

The son of a nun who had fallen in love with a Klepht Georgios grew up in poverty and was forced into the mountains to continue the same trade himself at an early age.

A seminal figure in the Greek revoltion, he was one of the first to take up the banner of freedom from the Turks. His military genius saved the day more than once during the last years of the struggle. The new Greek governement appointed him Chief Marshal of Eastern Greece and he chose Elfesina as his headquarters. After a skirmish with the Turks at Haidari out side of Athens he made an unsuccessful attemt to cut off Kiotachis supplies during the siege of the Acropolis. Previously He had led his forces to two famous victories at Distimo and Arachova. He was killed in a clash with the Turls at the Athenian suburb of Phaliron.