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Who's Who Greek Revolution of 1821

Theodoros Kolokotronis 1770-1834

Patriots and Warriors

Kolokotronis is considered the most important figure of the Greek Revolution. Born into a family of Klephts he escaped to the Ionian island of Zante (Zakynthos) where he enlisted in the British Army which held contol of the Ionian islands at that time.

On the eve of the revoulution he returned to the Peloponnese where because of his knowledge of military matters he soon becane the guiding force in organizing the fledgling revolutionaries.

Kolokotonis and his forces laid seige to the city of Tripolis and its surrender marked the first success of the Revolution. Many Turks were massaccred and atrocities commited by both side during the seige.

Very soon thereafter in 1822, he commanded a small force which defeated the Turkinsh army at Dramalis as it sought to enter and re-inforce the Peloponnese.

After the revolution he was imprisoned by his political opponents in Palamidi castle Naufplion but freed when they needed his experteese upon the invasion of the Egyptian Ibrahim and his French trained forces. Kolkotoronis used guerilla tactics against the Egyptians and was successful in dealing them major blows and setbacks.