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Who's Who Greek Revolution of 1821

Lord Byron 1788-1824

Patriots and Warriors

Lord ByronThe Greeks appreciate and love Lord Byron and to this day name many of their children and even whole neighborhoods and towns after him. He helped in many ways to garner foreign publicity, aid and support for the Greek Revolution.

Born in London as George Gordon Byron he grew up a relatively frail and sickly youth acquiring a slight limp.

Byron eventually inherited a considerable fortune, which for a period he is alleged to have squandered by living a life of debauchery. Poor chap!

His heart was in the right place however and we are sure he would have been thrilled to know that his real heart is today actually preserved in Missolongi Greece where out of his own pocket he re-supplied the Greek troops and then caught a fever (Malaria?) and died in 1824.

As a Phil hellene Byron visited Greece several times and believed strongly that it should be independent from the Turks in order to revive the ancient classical spirit. Byron also put his money where his pen was and supported the revolution financially to the tune of several thousand pounds a fortune in those days. You can say all the bad stuff you want about Lord Byron but not in Greece!