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Who's Who Greek Revolution of 1821

Ioannis Makriyiannis

Patriots and Warriors

MakriyiannisBorn in Lidoriki central Greece, Makriyiannis, together with Ypsilantis, Mavromichalis and 300 men defended the Mills of Argos against Ibrahim Pasha and a forse of 4,000 regular Turkish infantry and 600 horse.

The fighting was heavy and the Greeks had repulsed the Turkish attacks four times when finally, late afternoon, they were re-inforced by a detachement of the first regular Greek regiment.

Their arrival caused great dissarray to the Turkish foces who retrearted in a rout suffering heavy casualties. Makriyiannis was gravely woulded in the fighting and invited aboard the French frigate commanded by Admiral de Rigny.

Later after the battle fo Phaliron in February 1827 Makriyiannis commanded a force of Athenian under British General Gordon and distinguished himself.

At the end of the war Makriyiannis learned to read and write in order to pen his memoirs which remain a most stiring tribute to the Greek revolution.