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Who's Who Greek Revolution of 1821

Papaflessas 1788-1825

Patriots and Warriors

PapaflessasNative to Messinai Prefecture, Peloponnese, Pappafessas birth name was Gregoris Diakos. As a youth he became a monk but of a rough and tumble sort who wasnt above using his fists to resolve a dispute or to clearly voice his opinion. Unafraid of punishment, he was banished (or fled) by the Turks for his revolutionary sentiments.

Pappaflessas removed himself to nearby Constantinople, where he became a key member of the "Filiki Etairia" (Society of Friends- the major underground Greek world wide revolutionary movement)

Under the orders of Ypsilantis, the societies founder, he soon returned to the Peloponnese to forment rebelion against the Turkish oppressors by preaching liberty and paving the way for the revolution soon to follow.

In 1825 the Turks invaded yet again under Ibrahim with 6,000 French trained Egyptian troops. Papaflessas meet him with a charge of 2000 men. The battle that later claimed his life took place at Maniaki on May 20th, 1825 where Ibrahim attacked the Greeks with a ten to one advantage and killed 600 including Papflessa who fought untill the bitter end.