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Who's Who Ancient Greece: Orators

Lycurgus (390-323 BC)

Rhetorician: one versed in the art of rhetoric: in classical oratory: the art of influencing ones hearers, Rhetorical question is designed to create and effect rather than elicit an answer

This orator, alongside Demosthenis, headed the resistance against the succumbing of Athenians to Macedonian rule. He was of an old established Athenian family, with principles in line with such families, such as devotion to the gods and state religion, living an austere private life, patriotism, and strong defense of established morals and politics. He was also an economist and financial manager of the city of Athens for some twelve years. He also worked to beautify the city, by repairing its walls, constructing a stadium and gymnasium, finishing the arsenal, and reconstructing the theater of Dionysos, as well as fostering various art works. He fought with Demosthenis and Ipereidis (Hypereides), to prepare a military defense of the city against Philip, collecting large sums of money from voluntary donors, partly to arm the fleet. He wrote 15 speeches of forensic nature, particularly impeachments, but does not appear to have been a gifted orator.