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Who's Who Ancient Greece: Pittakos of Mytilini

Pittakos of Mytilini (also called Lesvos) - Pre-Socratic Philosopher and member of the 'Seven Sages' - 648-569 BC

PittacusGovernor and general of the large island of Lesvos aka Mytilini, Pittakos came from an upper class family and was known for his political acuity, his recognition of all political factions, his forgiveness of his son's murderer, to whom he granted freedom, his enactment of new and wise laws, his fostering of trade, and his effort to emancipate his people.

One of his interesting laws required a double penalty for offences committed while under the influence of alcohol. He also wrote a text of laws, and 600 lines of poetry. Among his interesting maxims is the following: 'Do not beautify your appearance, but in your works be good'.