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Who's Who Ancient Greece: Man of many talents

Xenophon (426-355 BC)

Historian, philosopher, and general, Xenophon was born of wealthy parents, and met Socrates at the age of 18, and felt great admiration for him during his entire life. He was sentenced to exile for siding with the Spartans by accompanying a Spartan king on an expedition to liberate the Hellenic cities in Asia Minor from the Persians.

His property was also confiscated, but the Spartans, who gave him refuge, also gave him land near Olympia, where he lived for twenty years, though in the end, his land was stolen by the Elians and he fled to Corinth.

His written works include a defense of Socrates, a book about horsemanship, a work on the art of governing, a treatise praising the Spartan political system, a book on agriculture and estate management, a military book meant to help improve the cavalry, and historical works.