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Ancient Gortys in Elis / Arcadia Prefecture

gortys is near the village of stemnitsanaGortys is an acropolis high above the west bank of the Lousios (or Gortynios) River, with remains of walls and towers in trazedzoidal masonry of the Macedonian period, as well as foundations of a sanctuary of Asklipios (god of healing) and a Doric temple.

The French School explored the walls and towers in great detail in 1947-8; the sanctuary and temple were explored in 1950-52.

Foundations of second Asklipion with a 4th century BC bath (excavated in 1954) are found near the small chapel of Aghios Andreas in a huge excavation about thirty minutes to the north of the acropolis.

A circular portico with round backed seats is believed to have been part of the therapeutic center here.

Remains of houses have also been found. The setting is truly remarkable, with the sound of the river rushing below, though heavy wet mists settle in at night.