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They make a big fuss about close by Mycenaea and Delphi but leave poor Tiryns out of the lime light for some reason.

True a lot of it, especially the megaron atop the acropolis is rubble but they could spruce that up with a little reconstruction if they put their minds to it. They have done it in Knossos and Delos and lots of other sites so why not here as well?

These ruins, which predate Mycenae, are shrouded in mystery. Some will tell you that here Menaleus held court here and that he and Helen warmed one another's beds until that nasty Paris visited from Troy.. but others say that Menaleus really held sway in nearby Argos.

There is more speculation than you can shake a stick and the truth will never be fully know but these are some impressive ruins

the signs are clearThe site of tiryns from the air - Map of area page bottomtiryns cyclopean wallsWell somebody or something was running the show from Tiryns and I want to know who!

These ruins are very impressive and easy to find for once, since they are on the way to Argos and Naufplion.

The walls are so big that they imply a strong degree of central authority and firm control of the local populace.

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