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Perahora was called 'Peraion' or 'Pera Hora'(which means 'the country beyond' or 'the country beyond the sea'. At an altitude of 350meters/1148feet, its acropolis commands a view of the entire Gulf of Corinth. The road leading out to Cape Melangavi, where the site is located, is a lovely ride along the sea, flanked by the Yerania mountains with its pine forests. The road passes through the modern town of Perahora, and then follows the shore of Lake Vouliagmeni, a lagoon 2km in width, with places to swim, a campsite open all year, and a hotel.

Ancient Perahora is 1km from the tip of the peninsula. Traces of the ancient city, including an oval Hellenistic cistern with pillars inside, are scattered in an olive grove. The Heraion, or Hera Akraia near the tip of the peninsula-(from the Greek word for 'edge') was a sanctuary to the goddess Hera. It sits on the rocky slopes of the headland separating the Bay of Corinth from the Gulf of Corinth. The site is hidden at the bottom of a remote valley by a sheltered a cove, above which sits an acropolis. The view extends to Nafpaktos, 105km distant, and a bend in the straits gives the gulf the appearance of a huge lake encircled by mountains-to the north, Helikon and Parnassos, to the south, Killini. Many people come to this site just to enjoy the spectacular views.

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