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Greece Peloponnese Guide: Modern Corinth: Tel.Code: 2741

peloponnese corinth prefecturepeloponnese corinth prefectureModern Corinth

Since ancient times Corinth has been famous for its raisins (sultanas) and currants (the word 'currant' deriving from 'Korinth'), as well as being the source of the 'Corinthian columns' used in Greek and Roman temples. It was also famous for its religious prostitutes and considered so holy  (I mean naughty) that St.Paul paid a rather lengthy visit there of close to two years and caused rioting in the streets with his eulogizing. Needless to say his sermons did little good and it took an earthquake or two for things to settle down.

The modern city has a population of around 30,000, and is often used as a base for exploring the site of Ancient Korinthos and the Akrokorinth citadel, as well as the Argolid to the south.

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