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Ancient Samikon (Kaiafas) Ellia Prefecture

area map A little south of Olympia, 2 km north of the 5 km long Lake Kaiafas (called a 'lagoon' by some), is ancient Samikon, which sits on the western spur of Mt. Kaiafa, whose summit is 744 meters.

A dirt road leads off the main road with a sign for Kato Samikon.

The fortifications (which can be barely seen from the national road below) are of polygonal masonry from 450BC, and stands in places to 12 courses.

An earlier defensive wall, from the 6th century BC, is inside this one, and is less preserved. A Mycenaean burial mound here that has yielded a large quantity of pottery, was inhabited since the early Helladic period, which was conquered in 219 BC by Philip V of Macedon.