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Messinia Prefecture & Ancient Messinia (Ithomi) Page One

tourism travel guide greece greek grecian peloponneseThe Peloponnesian Prefecture of Messinia has as its capital Kalamata, well known for its olives and traditional dance, 'the kalamatianon'.

In ancient times Homer tells of wise King Nestor and more recently of the sea battle of Navarino where the Great Powers defeated the Turkish navy.

Messinia is warm and mild in climate and is 2,990 sq. km. in area. Its topography has a bit of everything, lush verdant areas, long sandy beaches, small coves with pebbled beach, sheltered bays and on the slopes of the Taigetos Mountains cool mountain villages.

In ancient times Messinia was the 2nd largest state of the Peloponnese and coveted by the Spartans who waged 3 wars of conquest upon it, finally succeeding. This forced the Messinians to emigrate to Italy where they founded the city of Messinia. Those who were left behind becaome 'Helots' or slaves of the Spartans. In 371 BC the Athenians and Macedonians helped the Messinians to recapture coastal areas between Cape Teneron and The Taigetus.

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