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The Peloponnese: City of Pylos Messinia Prefecture Page Four

The Battel of Navarino

the harbor of PylosThe allies called for an armistice, accepted by the Greeks, but rejected by the Turks, resulting in the entry into the bay of 26 allied ships, with 1270 guns, which reduced the Turko-Egyptian fleet of 82 warships, 2438 guns and 16,000 men to 26 ships, with 6000 dead.

The allies with only 174 killed and 475 wounded and not one ship lost. Supposedly the allies had not intended the attack, but had responded defensively to some cannons fired accidentally (or 'nervously', according to some authors) by an Egyptian frigate.

The allied reactions were mixed, the French and Russians happy about it, while the British showed embarrassment.

The Bay was also the site of battles in classical times.

Described by Thucydides, and in 425BC, during the Peloponnesian War.

Athenians laid siege to Spartans on the island that hemmed the bay and the Spartans (contrary to their tradition of fighting to the death) surrendered, greatly surprising the Greeks.

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