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The Peloponnese: Messinia Prefecture: the Palace of Nestor Page One

The palace site is open in summer from Tues-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am-3pm; winter daily 8:30am-3pm; 3euros admission.

tourism travel guide greece greek grecian peloponnese peloponissosNestor was one of Agamemnon' advisors during the Trojan war and considered (along with Odysseus) one of the wiliest dudes around. They probably thought up the idea of the Trojan Horse, still with us today in one form or another.

He certainly picked a nice location for his palace, of which, unfortunately, not a whole heck of a lot remains. Still this is the real Greece and if thats what you are looking for here it is!

At its peak the palace area was the largest of its kind in Greece with 4 basic buildings and a large number of ancillary structures.

The central building has a monumental gate or propylion, a courtyard, a throne room and passageways leading to nearby store rooms.

The palace was 2 stored and the family lived on the upper floor. In the small room next to the central gate was a records office and within which was found a large number of clay tablets inscribed in Linear B script. They had been charred by fire which apparently ruined the palace in about 1200 BC.

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