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Rhodes - Dodecanese: Lindos

the acropolis from the airFrom about 2000 BC and up until the synoecism of 407 BC Lindos was the most important of the three cities on Rhodes. The city of Rhodes after its founding, eventually out shone it. Today the charming village of Lindos and its acropolis still has several things going for it including its very beautiful Sanctuary of Athena Lindia atop the acropolis. The ancient town of Lindos was 4 times larger than the present (pop 800) but what remains is quite unique and well worth spending a night or two visiting off season. Rhodes is extremely hot in August and over 400,000 coach borne tourists a year are estimated to pass through most in July and August. (left the acropolis of Lindos)

Lindos also possesses the only two twin natural harbors on the island and this made it Rhodes most important trading center for millennia. During the Turkish occupation, the merchants of Lindos handled most of the islands trade and to this day are still known for their sound business sense. St Paul in 58 AD landed at Lindos in the bay now named after him and converted its residents to Christianity. The cliff top acropolis was first occupied about 1510 BC and was later fortified by the Knights of St. John.

a different view of acropolis of Lindos RhodesToday Lindos enjoys a status as an archeologically protected site where a permit must be obtained by residents before changing the color of a door. Lindos has been considered one of the more magical places in Greece for decades and attracted successful musicians, artists and rich businessmen including Saudi princes into purchasing some of the authentic captains houses as getaways. Little is left of traditional village life as the local economy centers around the throngs of visiting tourists which reaches its peak each July and August. The nightlife is intimate and a lot of fun! ( more Cycladic than anything, the village of Lindos right)

During the 6th C BC Tyranny of Cleoboulus, Lindos also grew rich from its several colonies, not least of which was Pathenope (present day Naples). Cleoboulos, one of the 7 sages of Greece, was a benevolent tyrant and known for his even handedness and pithy maxims, one of which was "measure in all things" (nothing in excess) which was also engraved upon the Oracle at Delphi. He is responsible for the construction of the Temple of Lindean Athena and its Propylaea although it was destroyed in an earthquake and rebuilt most recently by the Italians. He was also famous for his good looks and his belief in the intellectual equality of women. His father, King Evander had the distinction of initiating the construction of the reservoir and rock tunnels which supplied the city with water up until the very recent past. Timachidas in 99 BC cataloged the temples votive gifts and its star studded list of benefactors included: Cadmus, MInos, Herakles, Menaleus and even Helen. Read more about the Temple of Lindean Athena

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