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Tinos Town

The ferries dock at Tinos Town, the island capital (Hora). The massive cathedral Panagia Evangelistra and its neon-lit cross float above the town. Panagia Evangelistria is build of the island's marble.

Leading from the ferry to Panagia Evangelistra, Evangelistra Street (also called Sacred Way) becomes a solid mass of pilgrims on the two main feast days of the Virgin, March 15 and August 15. In August, especially, there may be as many as 17,000 worshippers on Tinos with religious ceremonies broadcast on national television.

Tinos greek islandsTinos greek islandsTinos greek islandsDuring festivals, the holy icon is carried about the streets in a jeweled pavilion. There is a military band and national diginitaries make an appearance. Many pilgrims crawl from the ferry to the church on all fours, seeking penance for the health of a loved one.

On days that are no religious festivals, you can wander freely and visit shops and stalls with all sorts of wares for sale on your way up Evangelistra Steet. The church stairs, when you reach them, are covered with a red carpet. Join the line, light a candle, pray, kiss the icon. The icon, The Maglochari or Great Grace, is arrayed with so much gold, diamonds, and pearls that you can barely see the Virgin's face.

Tinos greek islandsThe crypt where Ag. Pelagia discovered the icon is now the Chapel of Evroseos. The spot where the icon lay on the rock is marked by silver lines. The spring here is supposed to have healing properties. Many Greek children get baptized here by water from this font in August.

There are several museums for the art that has been offered to Panagia. There's an art museum, a museum devoted to the Tiniot sculptor Lazarou Sochou, a Byzantine Museum and another museum just for the items used in the church service.

Somewhat removed from Evangelistra Street, but still in Tinos Town, there is the Archaeology Museum with articles from the Sanctuary of Poseidon. The Folklore Museum is on Loutra Street.

Buses leave from the port area.

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