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Outside of Tinos town

Only 4km west of Tinos Town is Kionia, or the columns. There are beaches here and the Santuary of Poseidon and Amphitrite. Poseidon rescued many a sailor, and his wife Amphitrite granted fertility. Pilgrims to Delos often stop here first to take a purifying bath.

Tinos greek islandsFurther west there's a beach and a cave with stalactites at Gastria Cave. Just east of here is the busy shingly beach at Ag. Fokas. Only minutes from there is the beach at Vryokastro, where you can see the walls of an ancient settlement. A bit more to the east and you'll find the beach at Ag. Sostis and the sandy beach at the busy resort Ag. Ioannis Porto.

One of the biggest convents in Greece is to the north. The 12th Century Kechrovouni Convent has five churches. Here is where Sister Palagia had her two visions. She was canonized in 1971. You can visit her old cell, see her bed and a box containing her embalmed head. The villages of Arnados and Dio Choria are very near the convent.

Dovecotes decorate the village of Exombourgo, located on the rocky crag where the Venetian fortress of Santa Elena now sits in ruins. From here you have a superb view of the nearby islands and Tinos' many villages.

The road goes up from Kambos, which is the seat of the Catholic arch-diocese. Tinos has the highest percentage of Catholics in the Cyclades. From here you can walk to one of the two 8th Century BC towns that was called Tinos. Up the valley are the villages of Smardakito and Taarambados. These two villages house the island's most beautiful dovecotes.

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