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Greeks love coffee, and many hours of their day can be spent nursing a cup or two. They'll drink first thing in the morning and at midnight. I guess they love coffee, maybe they just like to hang out. It is a Cafe Society for sure. Inside in winter and at out-door cafes in summer.

Most Greeks are not excessive alcohol drinkers but that doesn't stop them from driving like maniacs sometimes, maybe they're too tense from all the coffee?

However, you can't order "ena Folgers" or "ena Tasters Choice" in Greece because they don't have those brands. Instead Greece has Italian, Spanish and other international coffee companies brands and fresh roasted beans from all over the world.

Greek Coffees & Tea Tips for the Greek Traveler

I don't know about you, gentle reader, but my morning ritual is pretty sacred no matter where I am in Greece, on a Greek island or in Athens, and a cup of something warm is usually part of it whether its Greek style or international style.

I used to drink filtered Greece bought coffee every morning but then started a homeopathic regimen and switched to tea. I stopped the regimen but stuck with the tea. Partly because I quit smoking again and partly because it keeps me feeling more continuous somehow. Whatever your personal preference, you'll be in luck in Greece, where the art of coffee is a refined one and the art of tea can include locally grown herbal varieties or more typically Asian blends as well as brands you are all familiar with like Lipton, Twining's and Tetley.

We'll get to tea a little later in this section.

American globalization giant Starbucks has opened in 2 locations in Athens' Kolonaki area. Bah! There goes the neighborhood. Thank goodness they are finally here so they can teach us how to make coffee properly.

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