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Pausanius wrote of a statue of a seated Hera accompanied by a standing Zeus, who was wearing a helmet.

The presence of the two temples suggests the marriage of the masculine and feminine powers.

To the west of the Temple of Hera are remains of the round Philippeion, the first secular monument in the altis. After the Battle of Chaironea gave Philip II (Philip of Macedon) control of the Greek mainland, he began building it, though his son Alexander the Great probably finished it.

Tholos alexander the greats contribution to the siteEast of the Temple of Hera is a fountain house built during the 2nd century AD, and given as a gift to the sanctuary by the wealthy Athenian, Herodes Atticus. The state treasuries are on a terrace at the base of the Hill of Kronos, which were storage chambers for sacrificial items and equipment used in the Games.

All but two of them were built outside of Greece, and are built in the form of temples. In front of them are the remains of the Metroon,, a 4th century BC Doric temple dedicated to the Mother of the Gods.

It was quite small, measuring only 20.5 meters by 10.5 meters. The remains include most of the foundations. To the west of this temple are traces of six prehistoric houses. which can be spotted in front of the house of Herodes Atticus.

This was the end point of a 3km long aqueduct which brought pure drinking water here during the 2nd century AD, the water stored in a large semicircular tank, which poured out of lions 'head spouts.

The upper tank was paved with marble and a backed with an apse supported by eight buttresses. There were statues inside of the family of Herodes and their imperial patrons. Small round Corinthian temples at either end of the lower tank contained one statue each.

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