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The Peloponnese: Messinia Prefecture: the Palace of Nestor Page Two

messina palace of nestorThey appear to be accounts and are written in a form of ancient Greek.

The second building is older and seems to be an in-law apartment for the crown prince or the king's mother.

A large storeroom with amphora's for the storage of oil was discovered on the SW part of the hill.

A large tholos (round) tomb stands to the NE of the hill (below right).


nestor palace greece greek peloponnese messinia

Nestor’s Palace about a half hour drive from Pylos, is also known as the Palace of Englianos (after the hill on which it sits).

The site was discovered in 1939 and excavated after World War II, and according to modern archaeological techniques. It looks out towards the bay, with fertile valleys around it.


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