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The Peloponnese: Messinia Prefecture: City of Koroni Page Two

korini castle shore

Its inhabitants moved the town to its present location during the middle ages and it became an important trading port.

The Franks captured it in 1205.

The Venetians captured it a year later using it as a staging point and supply base for their fleet.

Koroni was well know for its high quality olive oil and agricultural products, dyes and metalwork.


koroni greecePerhaps its most significant industry was the manufacture of siege works and machinery which were sought after all over Europe during the 14th and 15th centuries.

During that time Koroni and Methoni together paid a tribute to Venice of 2,000 ounces of gold from their profits. It was captured by the Turks in 1500 and held until 1828.

The Venetians recaptured it twice during this period. At one time Koroni was considered a mighty city for its size. The near by by beach of Zanga is very pleasant and the small museum contains finds from the surrounding area.

Ancient Ithomi

ancient messinia 58k fromAncient Messinia or Ithomi was the most significant city of the time within the area.

The acropolis was atop Mt. Ithomi and was strongly fortified.

It needed to be because the Spartans had their sights set on it.

After many years they finally forced its capitulation but in 464 BC there was rebellion and the populace walled themselves up in the ancient city and held out for ten years!

The Spartans were so desperate to take it back that they asked the help of the Athenians who agreed. Here is a picture of the Odeon left.


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Below follow pictures of the area around Koroni.

koroni greece koroni greece

koroni greece koroni greece koroni greece