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The Basics

Quick Facts: Tinos
Pronunciation Tee-nhos
Transportation Ferry, hydrofoil, catamaran
Main Attractions Religious Pilgrimage, dovecotes
Food Excellent choices
Accommodations Excellent choices

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Tinos greek islandsTinos greek islandsTinos greek islandsTinos greek islands

Tinos lies only 700 meters from Andros and 8 nautical miles from Mykonos. After Naxos, Andros, and Paros it is the fourth largest of the islands of the Cyclades. Tinos has a land mass of 194 sq. km and a coast line of 106 km. It is 85 nautical miles from Piraeus with a population of 7,500.

Tinos is mountainous with a few small valleys. At first glance one is put off by the ugly industrial harbor, but the interior of the island has 46 different villages with many lovely settings to enjoy.

Island Features

adaTinos greek islandsTinos greek islandsTinos greek islandsTinos is known as the Holy Island of the Virgin and is a place of pilgrimage for Greek Orthodox, the overwhelming majority of Greek citizens.

Daily, Tinos receives many pilgrims from all over Greece coming to worship in the presence of the sacred Icon of the Virgin Mary. Tinos is and has been directly linked, since ancient times, to the Almighty, when pagan supplicants petitioned Poseidon. Today Tinos surpasses Patmos in accessibility and popularity for the average, everyday Greek Orthodox parishioner.

Tinos is also sacred to the Catholic church and has many Catholic residents.Just in case you missed the point–Tinos is not a party island. In fact, partiers may be firmly placed on the ferry and pointed toward one of Tinos' more glitzy neighbors.

The terraces of Tinos boast over one thousand Venetian dovecotes. These little white embroidered towers are home to thousands of white doves. In addition, Tinos has a chapel for every ten inhabitants.Three are many lush, green terraces on Tinos. It is one of the few Cycladic islands that is self-sufficient in its water supply.

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